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"Peace, Love, Music, and Ice Cream on the Beach" is my motto and obviously it consist of my favorite things ^_^ Music though, is one of my biggie. I listen to music every chance I get because it calms me. Even when I sleep, my music still runs killing my ipod's battery lol. I post whatever the heck I feel like, whether it be what I'm feeling at the moment, in the past, maybe something I expect/want in the future, or just what I find nice. Also, I am a HUGE fangirl of Girls' Generation/SNSD so I reblog/post a lot of things about them too, especially my bias Yoona <3

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SDAFKLJ;ASDKLFJ All these fees I have to pay JUST to apply for Pharmacy School is pissing me off!!! SO much money! I’m poor as it is >< 

Posted on October 24th at 12:34 PM
Tagged as: fees. pharmacy school. applications. stupid. i hate this. money. personal.
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